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Criminal Justice

I am proud of the criminal programs we launched to provide alternatives to incarceration and increase treatment resources.  These programs are all designed to reduce crime, enhance equity, and save taxpayer dollars at the same time.  Here are the highlights:

●  Funded new Law Enforcement Diversion Program to divert mental health and substance abuse issues from the criminal justice system.

●  Doubled funding for criminal-justice diversion programs, including a new pre-charge program to keep people out of the justice system altogether.

●  Increased funding for programs aimed at keeping jail population numbers low, such as alcohol-monitoring bracelets for low-income defendants.

●  Created Criminal Justice Program Manager position for data analysis and review of the justice system.

●  Created County Resource Hub to provide justice-involved individuals with re-entry services.

●  Added four Behavioral Health Navigators to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office to direct appropriate and proportionate resources to crisis response calls.

●  Funded body cameras for the Thurston County Sheriff's Office to increase law enforcement accountability and support.

●  Supported County participation in Advanced Pre-Trial Policy and Research pilot program to expand pre-trial release and increase equity.

●  Opposed the construction of a new state prison in SW Thurston County and a proposed expansion of the Thurston County Correctional Center.

Many of these programs are new, and I will continue to fight for funding to improve and expand on them as we move forward in the coming years with the goal of reversing historical trends of over-incarceration and under-serving people with substance abuse and mental health issues.

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