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Tye's top priorities for office include responsible management of taxpayer dollars, reforming the criminal justice system, and protecting the environment. He believes that with regional collaboration, we can tackle these tough issues together!

County Finances

The Thurston County community deserves leaders who responsibly manage their tax dollars and chart a careful financial course into the future.

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Criminal Justice

My background as a criminal defense lawyer, and former public defender, gave me a passion for meaningful criminal justice reform.  For too long we have relied on police as social workers of last resort, and relied on jails to address a range of health and social problems, from substance use disorders to mental health treatment.  And we know that this practice disproportionately affects people of color.

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Protecting the environment for our children and grandchildren has always been one of my top priorities.  In a rapidly-growing county, protecting water, open space, and agricultural lands takes careful and constant attention.  At the same time, we have to be creative to find the best ways to allow the county develop appropriately and thoughtfully, without causing undue stress on our ecosystem.

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Housing and homelessness frustrate Thurston County residents and policymakers alike.  Finding effective local solutions to the twin challenges of providing adequate affordable and low-income housing, and responding to the needs of the County's houseless population --- which includes many children, seniors, and veterans --- has been one of the most daunting problems of my first term. 

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Economic Development

Businesses are the economic backbone of any healthy community.  Although Thurston County's economic growth over the last four years has been mostly solid and steady, the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges as many small business struggled to survive in an ever-changing business climate in 2020 and 2021.

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